Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anti Gravity !!! St. George.

Anti Gravity is the place to be! It is a great place to take family and friends and be able to know that everyone is having fun. It isn't only just for younger kids, ADULTS LOVE IT TOO! There is an area for just jumping purposes. There is a Dodgeball Arena where you get to play against or with your friends in a very exciting game of dodgeball. You can jump off the walls and do cool and crazy tricks to dodge your opponents balls that are being thrown at you. I believe that the Dodgeball arena is the favorite to all. There is also a snack shack where you can buy drinks and snacks if you need. They have an area for younger children that is blow up obstacle courses and a separate trampoline arena for them. They have the bungi run, and the obstacle course for the older people, but may be used by small children. They also have a section where there are couches, where you can sit and relax before going back on the tramps. Anti Gravity is also a great place to hold birthday parties or any type of fun celebration. They have a seperate room where you can have cake and open presents and such. You can reserve a room for a birthday party by going onto their website, .  There you can find any information you need. There you may also print out the waver that is needed to enter anti gravity. Only the very first time you visit anti gravity you will need to either fill out a waver, or bring one filled out. Anti Gravity is a very fun place to hang out, work out, or just relax. I recommend it to any age. Hope to see you there sometime(:

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